Artists create amazing "reverse graffiti" car art using pollution and a power washer

  • Marc Cameron's Reverse Graffiti cars - BMW

  • Image Copyright Rafael Kroetz
Marc Cameron and Paul "Moose" Curtis, are an artistic twosome that are exceedingly skilled at turning dirt, grime and muck into art. In fact, the pair have teamed up to create our favorite kind of art – the sort that features automobiles as the subject. Starting with a spot on a dirt-covered wall in Munich, Moose and Cameron remove the buildup of gunk in various layers leaving behind their desired image.

It's called "reverse graffiti" or "grime writing," and rather than covering a wall in paint, Cameron and Moose actually clean a portion of the area they're working on. Some stencils, a few helping hands and a high-pressure power washer are the tools at work, and the resulting image not only illustrates how polluted public surfaces can be, it's also wonderful spin on a form of art that's typically frowned up.

Click past the jump to watch a reverse graffiti Tesla Roadster come to life, a project Cameron and Curtis coordinated with German's SZ-Magazin. Also, click through the gallery to get a closer look at some more of Marc and Paul's work, including the Renault Twizy. If you are interested in learning more about Marc's unique work, feel free to email him – Cameron @ or check out his website using the link below.

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