Motorcyclist pulled from underneath fiery BMW speaks

Brandon Wright is the lucky young man who was plucked from beneath the potential tomb of a burning BMW that we told you about earlier this week. Wright's motorcycle collided with the German sedan and it wound up on top of him. Luckily, a group of bystanders banded together and lifted the fiery car, with another bystander then pulling Wright out of harm's way. Now recovering in a hospital, Wright has gone in front of the cameras to thank those that kept him alive.

Wright calls the men and women heroes for putting their lives on the line to save his. He states that he is "forever in debt," and that he "can't thank them enough." Wright, who wasn't wearing a helmet at the time of his crash, goes on to say that he plans to wear the protective gear from here on out.

The young motorcyclist suffered a fractured pelvis, broken leg and burns to one of his feet. Doctors say it will take Wright several months to fully recover. Click past the jump to watch the video with more of his story.

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