How to unbox the 2012 Toyota Yaris

For a while there, we were worried that inane unboxing videos were going to completely take over the internet. Thankfully, that eventuality has not come to pass... but there's still the occasional product so looked-forward-to, so unbelievably awesome, that its very first reveal into the world simply must be shared.

You know, like the 2012 Toyota Yaris.

Uh-huh. As you'll see, the latest Yaris comes tightly packed in multiple protective containers, and there's an appropriately huge user's manual to go along with it. We're especially fond of the honkable horn and the burrito-sized glove box. You just never know when you need an extra burrito...

Check out the complete unboxing video from Toyota after the break. Oh, and be sure to discard that gigantic silica pack... those things aren't safe for consumption.

Toyota Yaris Information

Toyota Yaris

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