Subaru Impreza plus BMW V10 engine equals awesome

Subaru loves boxers. No, not the kind that beat each other into bloody pulps, we're talking about the engine design, which places the cylinders directly across a horizontal plane, almost like they are swinging alternating punches away from the crankshaft – hence, the boxer name.

There are lots of good reasons to love the boxer engine – it allows for a decidedly low center of gravity and is inherently smooth due to its built-in balance – and Subie has certainly done much to advance the configuration since the days of the original Volkswagen Beetle (also boxer-powered). But what if you want your cylinders arranged in a V?

Well then, there's always the ever-popular engine swap. While some would be content to drop in the tried-and-true Chevy V8, not everyone wants Bowtie power in their engine bays. At least one Subaru Impreza owner decided on nothing less than a BMW V10 ripped from under the hood of an M5.

Thankfully, we have video evidence that such a beating-heart transplant can pay big dividends. See for yourself in the video after the break, which was apparently shot just after the conversion was completed and before the engine had been fully tuned. Enjoy!

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