Terrahawk shows you how to erect a mobile sniper's tower in under two minutes

Just one minute and 45 seconds after purchasing a Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower from Terrahawk, you can have a (low-flying) bird's-eye view of your surroundings. You'll be more comfortable than any bird, however, in your climate-controlled guard tower, but you might be slightly more constrained when it comes to handling your 'business.'

Pitched as a tool for surveillance or emergency response, Terrahawk will be demonstrating the M.U.S.T. for Congress this week. it's a seriously sinister-looking Ford E-Series van, but we suppose bad guys can't be caught with the Good Ship Lollipop. Still, Terrahawk might want to paint "Free Hugs!" on the side and avoid parking near any schools if the 25-foot tower isn't deployed. Either way, we can see this being just the thing for anything from well-heeled game hunters to the NASCAR fan who wants to outdo everyone else in a camper. No word on cost, but while you check your disposable income, you can follow the jump to watch the video of it in (slow) action.

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