Heavy equipment playground officially makes Las Vegas the most fun place on earth

There are driving and flying experiences for all kinds of wheeled and winged machines, but what's been missing? Obviously, a place to play with heavy machinery to relive the sandbox fantasies of one's youth. Leave it to Las Vegas to fill the void with Dig This, a giant dirt pit where anyone at least 14 years old and 48 inches tall can pay a fee to spend hours pretending to do the kind of job many people would rather avoid.

At your disposal are some of Caterpillar's finest: three 15-ton excavators and two 10-ton bulldozers. After a bit of classroom instruction, you'll be led to your workhorse for some in-cab instruction. Then, depending on which of the three 'experiences' you've purchased, you have anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours to perfect your earthmoving technique.

If throwing 15 tons around isn't enough, Dig This has also partnered with other entertainment venues like The Spa at Trump on packages like Excavate and Exfoliate. They can sign us up for Dig & Destroy on our next trip to Vegas... To learn more, you'll find a video after the jump.

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