2 millionth Mini rolls off assembly line: Here's your chance to win it

  • MINI Soho Special Edition
The two millionth Mini has rolled off the line in Oxford, UK, a feat which took around ten years and sent Minis to 90-plus countries across the globe. According to Mini, if placed bumper-to-bumper, two million Minis would stretch 4,627 miles. Of course, two million Ford F-150s would stretch, um, further.

Mini's Oxford managing director, Juergen Hedrich, says 2010 production of 216,302 units puts Mini in third place among all automakers in the UK and accounted for 17 percent of the UK's total automotive output. The Oxford factory produces four models: the Cooper, Clubman, Cooper Convertible and the Mini Coupe. Another fun fact: without Mini there'd be a real shortage of limited edition vehicles tooling around on roads throughout the UK.

Oh, and Mini number two million is being offered as a prize in the automaker's global Facebook campaign that ends September 30. For a chance to win the car, simply add your profile pic to Mini's dedicated Facebook wall. It's that easy.

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