Remember that hapless Subaru stranded on the fire trail? Here's the in-car footage

Alas, poor Subaru, we knew you well. It was only a matter of time before someone came forward with an in-car video explaining exactly what happened to that Subaru Impreza that was stranded on the Miner's Gulch trail in Colorado. As you can imagine, the short flick is filled with plenty of shaky-hand-cam action as well as the painful sound of aluminum bouncing off of cast aluminum bouncing off of stone. We're not entirely sure what this Subaru did to deserve this kind of torture, but we applaud its pluck for surviving as long as it did.

The owner, Alexander Pringle, was apparently forced to abandon his valiant steed after he punctured the oil pan. It didn't take regular trail goers long to relieve the vehicle of its seats and stereo. Fortunately, the Colorado Trail Patrol was kind enough to pull the lifeless hulk off of the trail so that other, more properly outfitted off-road enthusiasts could continue to enjoy the scenery. Hit the jump to see the video for yourself (we've included the cringe-inducing, previously shown towing footage as well).

Subaru Impreza Information

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