Forest road racing Subaru owner gets painful recovery lesson

Be warned, Subaru fans: this video isn't for the faint of heart. According to the YouTube description, an Impreza owner decided to see just how much his car had in common with the screaming machines of the World Rally Championship by submitting it to a torturous, rocky section of fire road. After somehow enduring 12 miles of abuse, the car struck a rock, gouged its oil pan and came to a stop. The vehicle was subsequently abandoned there for some time, whereupon it was graffitti'd as well as stripped of its stereo and seats.

Fortunately, a few helpful off-road enthusiasts offered to pull the car out of the forest and back to civilization. There was only one real problem: making it to the fire road's exit meant bashing the hapless Subaru across even larger stones, while taking the trail in reverse meant covering 12 times the distance. The recovery team decided to pursue going forward, and mechanical carnage ensued. Call it proof positive that bad things happen to good cars whose owners make poor choices. Hit the jump to see the damage.

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