2012 Porsche 911 configurator makes for sweet dreams

If you're itching for a way to motivate yourself to muddle through the holiday weekend after another week of stale coffee, dull meetings and overbearing management, look no further than the configurator for the 2012 Porsche 911. Clicking through the available options on the German sportscar provides some serious armor against the thought of abandoning all of your worldly possessions and adopting a life of vagrancy. Which color would look best lounging in your garage and breathing down someone else's neck at your local track day? Will you stick with a simple, single-color interior or go all-out for a two-tone, natural leather cockpit?

The questions are nearly endless. Your author is fairly smitten with the Lime Gold Metallic special color available on the 911 Carrera S, even with its $3,140 price tag. He'd even opt for $185 color center caps on our 20-inch rollers. Why not? Imaginary money is free, after all. Head over to Porsche to give yourself a little reminder about the obvious advantages of capitalism.

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