Hybrids have never been a hit in China, with even the Toyota Prius failing to make a dent in a meaningful way over there. Some say the Prius' unconventional styling turns Chinese consumers off. Maybe that's why Buick is betting its conventionally styled LaCrosse eAssist will be a hit in China.

The non-eAssist LaCrosse has been one of Buick's Chinese sensations over the past 18 months and, now that General Motors has launched the eAssist LaCrosse in China, buyers over there will have to decide whether or not to opt for the more fuel-frugal sedan. GM says the LaCrosse eAssist is 28-percent more fuel efficient than its conventional counterpart and announced the mild hybrid sedan will start at 265,900 yuan ($41,634 U.S. at the current exchange rate). That's slightly more expensive than the Prius, but Buick has never really had a problem selling its vehicles in China, so we assume the LaCrosse eAssist will do okay, too.

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Buick LaCrosse

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