Mini Paceman confirmed for production

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Car and Driver is reporting that the Mini Paceman has been given the go-ahead for production. The news comes courtesy of company chief Kay Segler, who said that the high-riding three-door is headed to the States.

The Paceman is based off of the tall Countryman CUV, which means that buyers will probably be able to snap up the vehicle in all-wheel drive if they feel so inclined. Even so, it will be a while before the Paceman makes it to dealers. Car and Driver says it will likely land in 2013 as a 2014 model.

What can we expect in terms of styling? If Mini patent drawings are any indication, the wee beastie will stick as close as possible to the Paceman Concept, though the name may change before the production car lands. We think the long roof line and upright nose on the Paceman is plenty becoming, though we have to wonder how many consumers are looking at the Countryman and thinking, "Just like that, but can you make it less functional?"

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