FPS Russia takes an armored troop carrier through a drive thru

Internet and YouTube phenom FPS Russia – no, he's not really Russian and yes, his accent, though amusing, is fake – tends to go a little bit overboard at times. He loves guns and blowing things up, and the bigger the boom it makes, the better.

So, when it came time to take a little trip into town to pick up some lunch at McDonalds, our man decided that nothing less than an armored troop carrier would suffice. And not just any old military machine would do. FPS Russia's armored ride boasts a massive .50 caliber machine gun mounted up top from which to shoot unsuspecting watermelons.

We should warn you that there's plenty of watermelon violence in the video after the break, as well as some potentially NSFW language. That said, enjoy the carnage after the break.

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