Kia Brings Back The Hamsters, And Funk, To The Soul

The automaker is playing off the success of its prior hamster ads for the new 2012 Kia Soul

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The Kia hamsters are back. Prepare to get your groove on.

Following on the success of its first Kia Soul ad featuring hip-hopping hamsters, the Korean automaker is rolling out a new ad with the infectious LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem to advertise the new 2012 Kia Soul. The song includes the memorable lyric, "Everyday I'm shuffling."

The first hamster ad positioned the Kia Soul as the cool car, compared with the literal toasters other hamsters were driving. The song, The Black Sheep's 1991 Choice Is Yours, told listeners, "You can get with this, or you can get with that."

The new hamster ad seems to be more about being cool.

The commercial, set to premiere Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards, features three rapper-styled hamsters, whose spirits are lifted enough by the car to defeat warring robots by dancing to the house beat. The tagline plays up a slangy vibe: "A new way to roll."

"The 'Share Some Soul' campaign is focused on connecting with the Soul's core Gen-Y demographic and maintaining a high-profile for the Kia brand within today's pop culture," said Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing and communications at Kia Motors America.

Kia's market research revealed that Millenials were were passionate about social video games and music, and so the automaker sought to capitalize on that front.

The ad, created by agency David & Goliath, will continue on the Internet, and according to USA Today, will inspire a "shuffle" dance video contest in mid-September.

Kia also used hamsters two years ago for the Soul. That ad featured the animals on running wheels lining the roads as a Soul full of dancing hamsters grooved along to the song Fort Knox by the group Goldfish.

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