Newport Convertible Engineering chops the top off the Jaguar XJ

Sometimes we lament the loss of four-door convertible "parade cars." Then we see something like this and we don't miss 'em one bit. Woof.

Based on the Jaguar XJ (the long-wheelbase XJ L, to be specific), Newport Convertible Engineering has produced this four-door cabriolet to some questionable results. Sure, the divisive rear quarters of the sedan have been minimized, if not eliminated, but cutting off the roof in favor of folding soft top is hardly an aesthetic improvement.

Inside Line recently tested one and seemed to have enjoyed the experience, but while NCE's transformation was reportedly the most difficult they've pulled off to date, we'd just as soon keep the roof on and take our iced tea in a Bentley Continental GTC. Especially when the XJ convertible starts out around $130,000.

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