Fisker dealer test drives a pair of Karmas

Fisker Karma – Click above to watch video after the jump

At times, it seemed like the Fisker Karma would never arrive. Every time we took one step toward release, a string of delays pushed us a big step back. Now that the green automotive version of Zeno's paradox is finished and genuine production Karmas are starting to roll out of Valmet's Finnish factory, Henrik Fisker's split-grin sport sedan is surely a welcome sight for both impatient customers and long-suffering dealers.

Which brings us to the series of videos after the jump, in which a Santa Monica Fisker dealer puts a contrasting pair of black and white Karma through their plug-in hybrid paces. There's excitement on the face of those who get their chance to sit down in the sleek car and check out its interior. What's that on the face of the dealers? Looks like sweet, sweet relief. Come in after the jump to check it out.

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