2012 Toyota Camry leaked in Canadian auto guide

Trying to keep a floodgate closed is no easy task. Just ask any automaker releasing embargoed images of a new car coming out. When it's something as prolific as a new Toyota Camry, it's bound to get out like water through cracked concrete. And in this case, it's gotten out of our French Canadian neighbors to the north.

While Toyota has been releasing tightly-cropped teaser images of its new bread-and-butter family sedan, showing little more than the head and tail lights, the new annual auto guide has come out in Quebec, complete with full-frame shots of the new Camry for all the poutine-slurping, hockey-watching world to see.

We could go on about the edgier styling of this latest rendition of the longstanding best-selling vehicle in America, but we'd just as soon let you see it for yourself. So click on to view the scans of the guidebook in our high-resolution image gallery, courtesy of our astute reader James, whom we thank for the tip.

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