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Jaguar bringing sports car concept to Frankfurt

Auto show season seems to arrive earlier each year. We're not yet fully into the swing of said season, but the rumors are starting to swirl about who is bring what to where. One of the first on our 2011 travel calendar is the Frankfurt Motor Show, whose media days fall in mid-September. Jaguar will be there, and it seems it's bringing a sporty new concept along as well.

According to Automotive News, representatives for Jaguar remain mum on the details, but rumor has it that the cat-faced car company is prepping a sports car to slot under the XK. Along with the XF wagon, we're pretty excited to see the British automaker add more Leaping Cats to its lineup.

Perhaps a smaller sports coupe could signal the modern-day return of the E-type? We can only hope as we continue to celebrate that model's 50th birthday.

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