Jaguar confirms XF wagon

2012 Jaguar XF - Click above for high-res image gallery

Since this is a post about the development of a European wagon, we can get two things out of the way right now: we probably won't get it here in the United States, and there's no use crying about it and all the other awesome wagons we don't get. (It wasn't the manufacturers that forced U.S. buyers into crossovers, after all.) To the point, though, the next wagon we for which we'll lust from afar is the Jaguar XF estate, admitted by the XF's vehicle engineering manager to be in the works.

The only other detail given away is that "It will be slightly different, with character and panache," although we're not sure if he means something noticeably different from the XF line (other than a giant rump) or different from luxe wagons in general. Otherwise, we have no info on when it will arrive or how much it might cost, even though as far back as 2009 Jaguar said it would have an XF wagon in the pipeline. In December of last year, the company's global brand director said – in the context of Jaguar crossover rumorswe would see it "shortly."

With Mercedes the last premium European automaker to offer a wagon in the U.S., Jaguar might see how an XF hauler does against the E-Class/ A6 Avant/ 5 Series Estate mob before committing it to our shores.

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