Budget experiments with discounted ad-covered rental cars... would you? [w/poll]

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Everyone is looking to save a buck these days. Still, there are expenses that you just can't avoid, and whether traveling for business or pleasure, a rental car is often included in the budget. According to USA Today, an Atlanta Budget car rental office is trying a new tactic to help bring down the cost of renting a vehicle, and it involves you becoming a mobile billboard.

A handful of cars in the fleet are getting the vinyl wrap treatment courtesy of Wrap Media Group, and the result is a rolling advertisement available to customers at a greatly discounted daily rate. How much of a discount? One customer secured a weekly rental that usually costs $400 for a mere $88.

That's $312 off for you bean counters at home. Quite a bargain as long as they don't get pushy with the insurance options too. So, would you be interested in saving some bucks in exchange for turning the car you're renting into a rolling billboard? Have your say in our poll below.

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