Harley-Davidson shows how the Captain America movie motorcycle came to be

Captain America, the summer blockbuster movie based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, has officially had the largest opening weekend of any comic-based flick in 2011. Incidentally, it also knocked the latest Harry Potter flick, which opened one week before, out of first place.

But we don't really care about all that. What we're more interested in are all the cool vehicles seen in the film, not the least of which is the motorcycle that the U.S. war hero himself rides. Befitting a man who is apparently the Captain of America, the film's superhero finds himself atop the most quintessential of American motorcycles: Harley-Davidson.

Meant to be a modern interpretation of H-D's classic WLA military motorcycles, Captain America's custom machine started life as a stock Harley-Davidson Cross Bones model. Fitting, as the Cross Bones, with its spring-mounted solo saddle and springer fork, is arguably the most period-correct platform in H-D's current line from which to begin.

Want to know more? Check out the video after the break, where Harley-Davidson breaks down the thought process that went into creating Captain America's motorcycle. You'll also see a few brief snippets with riding footage from the film.

One more thing: Click here for details on how to win your own customized Harley as part of a Captain America-themed promotional giveaway. Enjoy!

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