Stephen Colbert mocks Nissan's call for unique wave for Leaf drivers

Because "saying hello to a Leaf owner isn't just an act of kindness, it's a sign of camaraderie," Nissan is asking, "How do you say hello?"

That's how a recent post on the official Facebook page for the Nissan Leaf is asking drivers to submit a photo of suggested hand signals so that Nissan can determine which Leaf gesture "waves supreme." Submissions must be in by Thursday, July 28. We can't imagine anyone sending in anything inappropriate here. Sheesh.

The Leaf's social networking site suggests three possible gestures: an open-palm wave, a two-fingered V-is-for-victory motion or the forming of a circle, which presumably ties in with Nissan's "The Value of Zero" ad campaign. We're rooting for "zero," but with some 4,400 Leafs on U.S. streets, it's unlikely the gesture will be used too often.

TV personality Stephen Colbert, however, has his own ideas. On the Wednesday, July 27 episode of The Colbert Report, the host openly mocks Nissan's campaign, saying that the eco-minded drivers who buy electric cars "love manufactured traditions created by the marketing wings of multi-national corporations." Colbert even goes on to suggest his own elaborate hand gesture, which you can watch in the video after the jump.

Got a wavy suggestion for Nissan? Submit it to Nissan's Leaf Facebook page by clicking here, and check out the full Colbert Report segment in the video after the break.

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Nissan's 'LEAF Wave' Deadline

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