Nico Rosberg frightens David Coulthard around the Nordschleife

There's a good reason why Formula One teams make two cars with one seat each instead of one car with two seats. Well, there are a lot of good reasons, actually, one of which is being that F1 drivers don't like riding shotgun, something that is immediately apparent after watching this video.

Even when Infiniti took Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber to the Nürburgring Nordschleife in preparation for the German Grand Prix last weekend on the neighboring circuit, they gave each driver his own car, even though they each packed five seats. Now it's time for Mercedes-Benz to take its turn, bringing its own talents to the storied Green Hell for a little fun and publicity footage.

After Michael Schumacher took his junior teammate Nico Rosberg around the legendary track for a quick tour, it was Rosberg's turn to chauffeur his employer's new brand ambassador, David Coulthard, for a hot lap in the SLS AMG. This, despite the fact that Rosberg had never driven the circuit before. Good thing DC only found out that particular bit of information after the lap was done.

Follow the jump to watch the video, and if you pay close attention towards the beginning, you just might notice Coulthard getting in little dig on his longtime rival Schumacher.

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