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Long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series spotted testing

The Chinese like long-wheelbase versions of sedans, because execs like to be able to stretch out while the drivers ferry them about – and the country, if you didn't know, has a whole lot of executives. Audi sells a stretched A4 there, and BMW evidently feels the market looks robust enough for a long-wheelbase 3 Series Li. Why not just get a 5 Series, you ask? Because the man says he wants a longer 3 Series, and he's got cash...

Reports indicate this is a China-only model that will bow at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show. Its platform, though, is also expected to underpin the 3 Series GT. That car might come to America, and if so it will offer some extra rear legroom for us and certainly be just as interesting to look at as this long-wheelbase model.

Click on the links below to get more looks at the extended 3, which offers clues to the front of the next-generation car.

BMW 335 Information

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