Mini's upcoming Traveller model to be most practical yet

If you thought Mini had strayed far from its raison d'être with the Countryman crossover, consider the following: while the original Mini was diminutive in size, it was all about maximizing interior volume against a compact exterior shape – a ratio, if you will, of cabin size to overall dimensions. The rumored upcoming Mini minivan, then, might seem like another step too far for the brand, but could very much fit the bill in its size-bending capacity.

Alternatively referred to as the Spacebox (likely an internal nickname) or the Traveller (as the above-pictured concept that previewed the Clubman was called), the idea is all about adaptability. Rear-hinged suicide doors would flank both sides, while the rear cargo area would be accessed via 60/40 split doors for added versatility. The shape would also likely push the cabin higher and more forward for something closer to a one-box shape that could share its underpinnings and more with BMW's upcoming 1 Series "activity vehicle."

Word has it that a concept car is being prepared for unveiling in the near future. Of course, all this could amount to just a rumor, but given Mini's relentless march of model variants, we'd hardly be surprised to see this one coming to fruition.

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