Lexus eDestination does away with in-car destination entry

On the list of in-car annoyances, inputting an address or doing a point-of-interest search into a factory sat-nav is near the top. And while the technology to send a destination to your car has been around for a while, it's finally beginning to be adopted on a larger scale.

The latest automaker to hop on the send-to-car bandwagon is Lexus, and customers with an Enform-equipped model can download the free eDestination app to their iPhone, Blackberry or Android device to begin planning trips, finding destinations and sending routes to their cars.

Lexus drivers can store up to 200 destinations in 20 separate folders to their profile, add notes and transfer all the information to their vehicle with the push of a button. Planning a vacation to Chicago? Scope out restaurants, museums and parks ahead of time, send them to your car and enjoy the trip. Lexus of Roseville has a painfully cheesy video of the system in action and you can check it out after the jump.

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