2012 Honda CR-V prototype in crackup on PCH

It's an unfortunate reality of automotive transportation, but accidents are all too common. This one, however, appears to be anything but.

While merging onto California's legendary Pacific Coast Highway, one motorist/blogger was hit by another car. What makes the incident a little more out-of-the-ordinary is the vehicle that hit the blogger: the motorist in question was struck by a test mule for the new 2012 Honda CR-V, still wearing prototype camouflage and everything.

Given that the impacted CUV – which subsequently collided with several more oncoming vehicles – was a Toyota Highlander, and that a Lexus RX (whose platform it incidentally shares) was also part of the pileup, a small part of us can't help wonder if the Toyota vs. Honda rivalry hadn't spilled over from the Japanese boardrooms and dealer lots onto the streets of California. Thankfully, everybody appears to be okay, if a bit shaken up. Follow the link to read and see more of the accident on NOTCOT.

Honda CR-V Information

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