Report: Launch of Yo Avto hybrid yo-mobiles delayed?

The numbers of pre-orders for Yo-Avto's trio of yo-mobiles (Yo CrossCoupe, Yo Microvan and Yo Furgon) are climbing. Car Advice reports that on the first day of accepting online reservations, Yo-Avto logged an astounding 51,188 orders and that total pre-orders have topped 138,800. Of course, these numbers mean next to nothing since pre-ordering a yo-mobile doesn't require a deposit or a signed commitment to buy the vehicle.

Initially, the yo-mobile will be offered in three versions: a two-door coupe, a four-door hatchback and a wacky cube van-like light-duty truck. Unfortunately, Yo-Avto now says the much-hyped natural gas hybrid version of the yo-mobiles is still under development and that the initial batch of vehicles that will roll down the assembly line in mid-2012 will not be electrified hybrids but will instead have a dual-fuel (liquefied petroleum gas and gasoline) setup.

Be sure to check out Car Advice's high-res pics of the yo-mobile trio and then drop a comment below if you think these vehicles are ever going to see the light of day.

[Source: Car Advice via Green Car Reports]

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