Porsche Consulting sets up shop in Atlanta

Say what you will about its car design, or the horizontal integration of four-door sedans and big bustling SUVs into its sportscar line-up. But Porsche, push comes to shove, knows efficiency. And we're not talking about miles-per-gallon here. We're talking about corporate management and the license to virtually print money.

In fact other companies – both from within the automotive industry and from outside – look to Porsche to offer advice on how they can streamline their operations as well. That's what prompted the establishment of Porsche Consulting in 1994.

Over the past five years, Porsche Consulting has made some $20 million in the United States alone, even though it has no offices here. With that much business to serve, it should come as no surprise that the subsidiary is setting up shop in America.

Following the establishment of similar offices in Italy and Brazil, the U.S. office of Porsche Consulting will be based out of Porsche's North American headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, with a small staff of ten to start out with. Follow the jump for the full press release.
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Porsche Consulting establishes subsidiary in the USA

Stuttgart/Atlanta. Porsche Consulting, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart, is setting up a subsidiary in the USA. Porsche Consulting Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, will commence operations in October with ten consultants. It will be the third foreign subsidiary after Milan in Italy and Sao Paulo in Brazil. "In the past five years we have generated income of approximately 20 million US dollars with local customers in the USA. That is positively crying out for a local presence. We are pleased to be able to announce this step", says Norman Firchau, President and CEO of the new subsidiary Porsche Consulting Inc. in the USA.

Porsche Consulting is also growing in Germany. Approximately 50 new consultants are to be taken on in the current year. The recruitment focus is on (industrial) engineers having majored in vehicle and automotive technology, mechanical engineering, manufacturing industry or aerospace but also economists having majored in production, logistics, procurement and purchasing, development or sales.

Porsche Consulting is a leading consulting company in Germany. Working on behalf of their customers – ranging from the global business group to the SME – consultants optimise processes from production to supplier management, in research and development, marketing, in sales and in administration. Customers hail from the most diverse sectors such as the automotive industry, mechanical and electrical engineering, the construction industry, the aerospace industry, the consumer goods industry, commerce, banking and insurance, the health sector, traffic and transport.

In addition to Lean Management, namely the reduction of activities that do not add value, the elimination of waste and the rise of value creation, the US subsidiary will focus on Supply Chain Management and on optimising research and development processes. In the process, Porsche Consulting Inc. aims to generate 20 per cent of its revenue with Porsche and Volkswagen and 80 per cent with existing and new customers in the USA. Previously, management consultancy in the USA catered first and foremost for customers from the automotive industry, aviation, electrical engineering and tourism sectors.

Additional information is available from: www.porsche-consulting.com

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