Jaguar returning to Le Mans with new LMP1

A whole lot of stars need to be aligned in order to get a good slew of manufacturers fielding factory works teams in any major racing series. But those factors seem to be coming together at the pinnacle of endurance racing.

With the FIA and the ACO getting along with a new World Endurance Championship, more cost-effective regulations in place and an unsurpassed spectacle to showcase their metal and their mettle, more and more manufacturers are flocking to Le Mans. And not just for the GT classes, either.

With Audi and Peugeot dueling for top honors, Aston Martin also graduated from its dominance of the GT classes to the top-tier LM1 category as well. Porsche has announced its impending return for 2014, Toyota is reportedly preparing an assault of its own, and now word on the street circuit is that Jaguar is gearing up to take on the LMP1 class as well.

The program reportedly has the enthusiastic blessing of parent company Tata Motors, and if it comes to fruition, would mark the first time the marque has competed at Le Mans since 1991, the year after it won its seventh 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Silk Cut XJR-12.

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