What is the No. 1 dream job of British men? Being a Top Gear host [w/poll]

That being a presenter on the hit TV BBC show Top Gear is the dream job of nearly a third of British men isn't surprising in the least. After all, what red-blooded male wouldn't relish the opportunity to drive the very latest (and often enough, the very fastest) automobiles every single day of their lives? And who wouldn't love to travel to the most distant and beautiful places on the planet while acting out a slew of ridiculous stunts all involving cars, trucks or motorcycles? And, naturally, who wouldn't want to be paid good money to do it?

If there's any surprise to the survey results of nearly 1,400 men, it's that a Top Gear gig didn't win by a wider margin – 29 percent of responders named it their top choice, while the next most popular dream gig was "Video games tester" with 25 percent, followed by "Professional sportsman" with 24 percent. Interestingly, Formula One driver only netted fifth place with 19 percent of the voting.

Yep, Top Gear presenter has a pretty nice ring to it. But here's the real question: Which Top Gear presenter would you want to be?

Consider that the UK show has a very defined set of hosts. There's the grizzly old veteran Jeremy Clarkson, who's more opinionated than anyone this side of a Tea Party organizer. He's joined by the too-smart-for-his-own-good James May (affectionately referred to as Captain Slow) and finally the cute, cuddly and very short Richard Hammond, who offers up plenty of comic relief that is all too often at his own expense. Oh, and let's not forget The Stig... the masked racing driver who never gets to show his face and is fired if he ever reveals his true identity.

So, we ask you, dear reader: Which Top Gear presenter would you most like to be?

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