WIllie Nelson still rocking biodiesel tour bus

Willie Nelson likes biodiesel. He's such a believer in the fuel, in fact, that when he got his brand new $60,000 Mercedes a few years ago he immediately filled it with veggie oil and in the process freaked out the salesman. Since then, he hasn't wavered in his love for it and was even honored by the EPA for his commitment and contributions to the environment.

On his latest tour, Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown, the musician has teamed up with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance to keep the crew using sustainably sourced biodiesel. At each leg of the tour they use local biodiesel to power their fleet of cars and trucks. The associate director of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, Tanner Watt, explained the benefits:

You're not only doing the right thing for the environment, but you're putting money into locally-owned businesses. You're supporting a green industry. You're supporting local jobs, and you're leaving something with the community instead of just taking back from it.

Willie Nelson isn't the only musician using biodiesel. In fact, Cheryl Crow and Phish also work with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance to source biodiesel on their tours. Kinda makes you feel better about eating french fries, doesn't it?

[Source: 9News.com | Image: Bob Jagendorf – C.C. License 2.0]

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