Willie Nelson gets love from the EPA

The Soy Daily has the full text of the EPA Region 9’s statement this week honoring singer Willie Nelson for his work promoting biodiesel. As most readers are probably aware, Nelson has become one of the most prominent promoters of biodiesel in America, and is one of the reasons gas stations across the country are – slowly –  beginning to offer biodiesel at their pumps. Nelson is one of 39 people and groups selected by the EPA Region 9 this year for “commitment and significant contributions to the environment in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Pacific Islands and tribal lands.” Nelson promotes biodiesel to the trucking industry, which helps truckers help American farmers. Neat little circle, isn’t it?
The EPA Regions 9’s release also helps answer a little bit the question I had about the frog/biodiesel photo (below). The truck stop in that photo was the first to sell Nelson’s Biowillie biodiesel fuel.

I’ll let the engineers and the political junkies in the audience debate the validity of the EPA’s claim in the press release that “For every unit of energy used to make biodiesel, 3.2 units are gained.” The comments are yours....  Oh, and the rest of the awardees can be seen here.

[Source: The Soy Daily]

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