Willie Nelson talks biodiesel (and more) on Fresh Air

Willie Nelson visited Terry Gross on Fresh Air Thursday to promote his new book, and if you're a fan of his music or want to know more about one of America's most famous promoters of biodiesel, it's worth a listen.
While talking about Bob Dylan, writing his first song and smoking pot, Nelson also gets into how he got started with biodiesel. He said it was his wife's idea while they were living in Hawaii. His first biodiesel car was a brand new Mercedes that he filled up straightaway with vegetable oil. This freaked the salesmen out, as they weren't sure what the veggie oil would do to the $60,000 car. But it worked out fine and the car continues to get great gas mileage, Nelson said. He said the way he was exposed to biodiesel, how he hadn't heard of fuel possibilities other than regular petroleum, shows that President Bush's use of the phrase "addicted to oil" is misleading. "I don't think we're addicted, I think that's the only thing we've had," Nelson said.

Nelson is also in favor of other alternative energy sources, saying that it'll be these new technologies working together that will get us out of the mess we're in. You can hear the full interview here

[Source: Fresh Air]

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