needs $14,187 to repair its wrecked Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt crash tests – Click above for high-res image gallery

Back in May,'s long-term Chevrolet Volt was involved in a collision that left the plug-in hybrid crippled. The initial repair estimate? A wallet-sapping $10,500.

Of course, these sorts of initial estimates rarely turn out to be accurate and this damaged Volt was no exception. In the end, the plug-in four-door cost $14,187 to get back to its former glory.

The difficulty in repairing this Volt, it seems, lay in the vehicle's additional cooling systems and complex engine control module. According to Ryan Tamblyn, the man in charge of repairing the long-term Volt, the damaged plug-in had no fewer than five heat exchangers that had to replaced as well as an engine control module that needed reprogramming. All told, the Volt underwent nine weeks of extensive automotive surgery before it was ready for action. Anyone else out there have any experience in getting a Volt repaired?

Chevy Volt Crash Tests
Chevy Volt Crash Tests
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