Vilner retrims Infiniti crossovers' passenger cabins

Vilner Infiniti EX37 & FX37 – Click for high-res image gallery

Bulgarian customizer Vilner is known for creating luxurious passenger cabins. We've seen its crew apply their talents to the Mini Cooper, Chevy Camaro and Smart ForTwo, and now they've turned their attention to Infiniti's crossovers.

Since the press release after the jump offers little in the way of details, we'll let the images of the nautically inspired interiors in these EX37 and FX37 CUVs speak for themselves.
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VILNER touched the "untouchable" Infiniti ЕХ 37 and FX 37

A very few tuning and custom companies would dare try the model of the Japanese brand name Infiniti, since its vehicles are distinguished for their close to perfection design. The Bulgarian designer studio VILNER, however, rolled up its sleeves and coped faultlessly with the task.

The interior of the "untouchable" EX 37 and FX 37 have undergone changes by the specialist in the field - VILNER. The first customized vehicle addresses yacht owners, since it strongly reminds of this kind of vessels. Here is what the company says about it:

„Adventurer! He takes part in risky operations, and thanks to his skills he ends up safe and sound. Far from the noise of the city, he relaxes with his favorite sport – yachting. The chromium plated elements of the steering-wheel and a part of the coupe suggest his strong character and the extremely expensive material Amaretta, dressing the greater part of the interior, demonstrates his high class. Videoflex Film Extra took care for the yacht appearance – fine lines, which through the heat processing on the leather greet "Welcome on Board" and "wave" with the tail-wind on the ceiling. His meetings are intimate and discreet, as is the very ambient illumination – in tender contrast to its adventurous nature!"

In Infiniti FX 37, VILNER's designers have made considerably less changes, which however have given it more luxury. The interior has gained a more complete appearance and the ceiling, front panel and upper part of the panels are dressed in Nappa leather, and the plastic decorations on the seats – in Alcantara.

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