McDonald's to use its deep-fryer oil to fuel delivery trucks in UAE

Over in the United Arab Emirates, McDonald's will fuel up its delivery trucks with waste oil from its own deep fryers. This is not the first time that McDonald's has turned to its own vats of grease for fuel and likely won't be the last.

Dubai-based Neutral Fuels has announced that it struck up a deal to convert McDonald's used oil into biodiesel to fuel the hamburger joint's trucks over in The Emirates. Neutral claims it has sufficient capacity to crank out one million liters (264,172 gallons) of biodiesel a year at its Dubai facility and can double that amount if need be. Furthermore, Neutral says all of the more than 80 McDonald's in the UAE will turn to 100 percent biodiesel to fuel their trucks.

McDonald's says the waste-to-biodiesel initiative is part of its grand renewable energy scheme in the UAE. Among other things, McDonald's has partnered with the region's main environmental watchdogs, Emirates Environmental Group.

[Source: Solar Feeds via IOL Business Report | Image: Todd Huffman – CC 2.0]

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