Brazilian Stock Car driver engulfed in flames. Stops, drops, rolls... survives

Driver flees as Brazilian Stock Car is engulfed in flames – Click above to watch the video after the break

There's no doubt about it – racing can be a dangerous sport. There are any number of accidents that could leave you injured, paralyzed or worse. Fortunately, safety equipment has managed to keep up in lock-step with our ever-increasing need for speed, which means all but the most heinous of vehicular monstrosities on the race track result in little more than a bruised ego and a check or two with lots and lots of zeros.

Still, sometimes there's a racing incident that's just so bizarre we all just have to stand up and take notice. Take, for instance, Tuka Rocha, a driver in the Brazilian Stock Car Championship. After his car (which is a Chevrolet mysteriously sponsored by... Hyundai) went up in flames, Rocha was apparently left with no option but to kick open the door and jump for his life. Seriously.

What happens next is equally bizarre. Rocha, seemingly overcome with the kind of joy that can only come from seeing your life pass before your smoke-filled eyes and living to tell the tale, jubilantly dances and waves for several seconds before finally succumbing to his near-death experience and collapsing into a heap in the grass. Safety crews rush to the scene, and soon enough, Rocha is found to be mostly unharmed.

Sound crazy? It is. And you can see for yourself in the video after the break.

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