Detroit, F-150 and interstates among Fortune's "100 great things about America"

2011 Ford F-150 4x4 SuperCrew - Click above for high-res image gallery

Fortune joined this weekend's parade of all things USA with its list of "100 great things about America." Be forewarned: the list itself is exceedingly dopey. After all, Clif bars, 60 Minutes, GEICO commercials, and LeBron James are among the things that Fortune somehow manages to rank ahead of the men and women collectively serving in our armed forces. (They're number 64, for whatever that's worth. Fortune separates out the SEALs, ranking them #5.)

Thanks to our nation's obsession with them, cars and car-related items dot the list as well. A few even crack Fortune's top 25: Detroit (#14), the Ford F-150 (#11) and interstate highways (#2). NASCAR sits at #51, drive-in movie theaters (the remaining few) occupy the 87th spot, Kevin Spacey's Honda commercial voice-overs rank 41st (not making any of this up) and Exxon Mobil comes in at #88.

To read the whole facepalm-inducing list, head over to Fortune, where you'll also learn that duct tape (#16) ranks ahead of the Bill of Rights (#17).

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