NASCAR team owner Childress fined $150,000 for Busch attack [w/video]

Kyle Busch bumps Kevin Harvick at Kansas Speedway – Click above to watch the videos after the break

There's a lot of money in NASCAR, and that inevitably draws big egos to the races. Two of those personalities clashed after a recent Truck Series race when Kyle Busch bumped a Richard Childress Racing truck driven by Kevin Harvick during the cool down lap.

After the field found their way to the pits, Childress himself tracked down Busch, put him in a headlock and commenced to deliver a few well-placed punches. As a result of the confrontation, NASCAR organizers fined Childress $150,000 and put him on probation, though the team owner won't see any sort of suspension.

There's no word if any of that money will go toward mending Bush's busted ego after being beaten down by a 65-year-old grandfather.

Busch and Harvick have feuded on and off the track for years, so word of the two racers tangoing once again is nothing special. Both drivers were fined $25,000 after a confrontation on pit road at Darlington. It's a little rarer to hear of a team owner personally going after a driver, however. Click past the break for the video along with some commentary of the confrontation and resulting fine.

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