Chrysler thinking about offering air suspension on its Ram pickups?

  • 2011 Ram Truck 2500 HD

2011 Ram Truck 3500 HD – Click above for high-res image gallery

Word on the web is that engineers at Ram are dabbling in air-ride suspensions. has pointed out that the company's gargantuan Long-Hauler Pickup Concept rocked an impressive auto-leveling and load-sensing air-suspension package from the people at Kelderman. It's no secret that Ram has been trying to civilize its full-size pickup offerings. The company recently abandoned the traditional rear leaf-spring suspension setup for heavy-duty coil springs, and the addition of an air-ride option would provide even greater versatility.

As points out, air suspensions use pneumatic bladders in place of springs, and an onboard compressor can vary the amount of pressure within each vessel. Lower pressure delivers a comfortable ride, while more pressure can give the vehicle additional ride height and load capacity. As a result, the vehicle can offer a comfortable ride while still being able to handle heavy cargo. It's the same technology found on road tractors and trailers.

The fact that Ram is dabbling in the systems on its concept vehicles leads to believe that we may eventually see air suspensions on the company's heavy-duty hardware. The move would seem to be the perfect compromise between civility and capability.

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