Kia gets wickedly suggestive with children's fairy tales for Sportage print ads [UPDATE]

Kia goes hot and cold with suggestive Sportage ads – Click above for high-res image gallery

Advertising here in the United States is rather tame compared to what the rest of the world sees. At a recent festival in Cannes, creative works from around the globe were shown, and one of the advertisers at the awards event was Brazilian agency Moma, a company that works with Kia. The Moma team cranked their creativity up a notch by producing an ad to display around the festival, and it's the type of work that won't be coming Stateside anytime soon.

Moma was looking for a unique way to highlight the dual-zone air conditioning found inside the Kia Sportage. A poster was created showing two very different climates of the same situation – the left being relatively mild, with the right being heated up a bit – and the result is both hilarious and creative. We found two examples of the campaign on, and you can take a look at each in the gallery below.

[UPDATE: Kia has disavowed having a hand in the creation of these ads, and has even gone so far as to condemn them.]

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