Balloon Boy's dad full of hot air over his new truck bed system

Richard Heene has moved from balloons to truck accessories – Click above to watch video after the jump

The name Richard Heene ring a bell? He's the man behind the "Balloon Boy" hoax from 2009. Heene is also the man behind a new product for pickup trucks, which is called the Heeneduty Truck TransFormer. What's most interesting about it? The thing is actually pretty damn interesting.

Heene knows that some folks don't like the permanence of heavy-duty equipment in the bed of their trucks. The Truck TransFormer gets around that by serving as portable loading dock, tool shed, work bench, power scaffold and pretty much anything else you could need when using your truck for work. When you don't need it, you can remove it and tuck it away for later use.

We do have one serious question for Mr. Henne, however. Does the Truck TransFormer somehow lock safely into place? We can see it creating an awfully big mess in an accident...

Would you be willing to shell out nearly $14,000 to put one of these multipurpose babies in the bed of your pickup? You might, after watching the video posted after the jump. A word of caution, though: turn down your computer volume a bit beforehand... Heene can be a wee bit enthusiastic.

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