2012 Mini Coupe makes its motion picture debut

2012 Mini Cooper Coupe in action – Click above to watch the video after the jump

The 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe is hot off the presses, with unique sheetmetal, upgraded power numbers and a promise to become the fastest production Mini on the market. We can live with that, and Mini is hoping coupe shoppers can, too.

To kick of the latest ride in the Mini stable, the advertising team came up with a fun little video with the tagline "Another Day. Another Adventure." The 49-second video shows the Mini Coupe as it travels (in a spirited fashion) through Iceland, Rio and Hong Kong. The idea, of course, is that the fresh-faced coupe + a willing co-pilot = fun anywhere the open road takes you.

Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself. You won't hear any voice-overs and the sales pitch is definitely set to low, but you will see plenty of gorgeous shots of the Mini Coupe on twisty roads.

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