Ford requiring Lincoln dealers to spend $1 million each to renovate showrooms

It looks like Cadillac isn't the only American luxury automaker throwing the hammer and nails at its showrooms. According to Automotive News, stand-alone Lincoln dealers located in urban areas are expected to spend at least $1 million in showroom renovations over the next two years.

Executives at Ford expect even more from those dealers who sell both Ford and Lincoln products. Those lots will be required to spend around $1.9 million over the same span of time. Ford CEO Alan Mulally made the announcement at a meeting with over 120 dealers from around the country.

What happens if the renovations aren't completed? Automotive News, sourcing dealers who were at the meeting, says that Ford will seek to reacquire noncompliant dealers' franchise licenses for compensation.

The move is part of an overall plan to jump start Lincoln sales from 86,000 units currently to 162,00 units by 2015. The renovations are expected to begin by the end of this year and wrap up by 2013, just in time for the launch of a redesigned MKZ sedan and a new crossover built on the bones of the Ford Focus.

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