Japanese developer patents 5-minute plug-in vehicle charger

In the race to patent the super-rapid-five-minute-or-less plug-in vehicle charging system (yes, that's a made up name), it looks like Mr. Kanno has won, according to Integrity Exports.
We've yet to verify this mystery man's proper first name, but it appears that a Mr. Kanno of the Japanese company Energy Use Technology Research K.K. has reportedly received a patent for a system that can charge a typical electric vehicle in about five minutes. Five minutes, you ask? Yes. Five minutes.

Mr. Kanno's breakthrough idea, according to Integrity Exports, came when he realized recharging was ultimately limited by the capacity of the electrical cables. Therefore, Mr. Kanno's patented technology constantly collects electrical power from the grid and delivers it to plug-in vehicles in a five-minute burst.

With a patent in hand, Mr. Kanno expects to unveil working prototypes – designed and developed with assistance from major manufacturers – within the next two years. Yes, a five-minute charge sure is speedy, but what's wrong with a 30-minute charge from a Level 3 system like Coulomb's ChargePoint station? Do we need five-minute charging, if it works the way Kanno-san says it does?

[Source: Integrity Exports]

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