Clean Air Power launches Genesis Edge Dual Fuel Volvo heavy-duty truck

UK-based Clean Air Power (CAP), a developer of dual-fuel combustion technology that enables heavy-duty diesel engines to operate on a combo of diesel and natural gas, has launched its Genesis Edge Dual Fuel Volvo heavy-duty truck.

CAP says that its specifically targeting Australia's mature dual fuel market with the Genesis Edge Volvo truck. The Euro 5-compliant dual-fuel truck started trials back in December of 2010 and was officially certified for on-road use and sales in May 2011. To date, CAP has logged only 15 orders for the diesel- and natural gas-burning Volvo rigs. However, John Pettitt, chief executive officer of CAP, says that the Australian state of Tasmania alone:
Is capable of sustaining 120 vehicles, so we believe that there is a significant opportunity to grow our revenues within this important market as understanding of and confidence in our product continues to gain traction.
If Tasmania, with a population of only 507,626, is capable of sustaining 120 dual-fuel rigs, then one can only imagine how many trucks the UK, with an estimated population of 62,008,048, could sustain. Okay, we did the simple math: it's 14,659 vehicles.
[Source: Green Car Congress]

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