Volkswagen rolls out 370-hp GTI Reifnitz at Wörthersee

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Volkswagen GTI Reifnitz – Click above for high-res image gallery

It wasn't all about cabrios at this year's GTI festival at Wörthersee, where Volkswagen also rolled out this hot GTI show car built by its own apprentices.

For the GTI Reifnitz (bearing the name of the lakeside town where the festival is held), the VW boffins borrowed a Stage III turbo kit and intercooler from APR and fitted an RSC performance exhaust. The result: a whopping 370 metric horsepower from an engine that normally produces 210. Nice work, boys.

Of course they didn't stop there. The body's been fitted with an aggressive wide-bod aero kit and a hood with twin vents, out of which the offset racing stripe protrudes and runs over the top of the red, white and blue car. The color scheme extends to the interior, which has been stripped out and fitted with a roll cage and racing buckets, all swathed in grippy Alcantara.

For the GTI faithful assembled at the Austrian lakeshore, the Reifnitz concept could very well be the hottest interpretation of the classic yet. Have a closer look in the gallery below.

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