Stetson University swaps SUV for Miles ZX40S NEV

How much utility is there in an SUV? How about in an NEV? Stetson University's public safety department can find out now that it is slightly greener after replacing an aging sport utility vehicle with a battery-powered Miles ZX40S. Yep, that's right, the department has ditched its gas-guzzling SUV in favor of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) from California-based Miles Electric Vehicles. The ZX40S will be used by the public safety department's sergeants, captain and director to patrol the campus.

The NEV, complete with Public Safety decals, cost Stetson University a mere $13,000. For that amount of cash, the university now owns a vehicle that tops out at 25 miles per hour, boasts a run time of 200 to 240 minutes on a full charge and has an estimated battery life of 25,000 hours. The ZX40S seats up to four and is currently used at more than 30 university and college campuses across the U.S.

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, the purchase of the NEV is "one of many steps that Stetson has taken to be environmentally responsible and reduce the university's carbon footprint." If all goes according to plan, Stetson may purchase additional electric vehicles for its facilities management department.

[Source: Daytona Beach News Journal]

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