World's first amphibious ice cream truck burbles up in the Thames

Amphibious ice cream truck on the Thames – Click above to watch video after the jump

If we were implored to rattle off our top ten things in the universe, you can bet your rubber ducky that cars, boats and ice cream would be featured prominently. Thanks to the enterprising spirit of the good folks at Cadbury, we can now make a little more room on our list.

The HMS Flake 99 is an amphibious ice cream truck that serves delicious treats up and down the Thames river in London, complete with the melodic tones of more land-based machines. The craft was commissioned to honor the UK's National Ice Cream week, though InHabitat reports that the machine may make a tour of various beaches in upcoming months.

Even better, the HMS Flake 99 might head to Venice.

So, America, are you going to stand for this? With summer vacation season in high gear, there are scores of sugar-hungry kids just waiting to chow down on their ice cream sandwiches on the beaches and lakes of our great nation. Someone please think of the children and build a U.S.S. Good Humor. In the meantime, hit the jump to see the HMS Flake 99 on the high seas.

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